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这个网站, including documents that are referred to on it, is here to inform you of the specific terms that you may be subject to when you use our website.

We would recommend reading these terms carefully before you use our site.

By using this website, you indicate that you are accepting the terms of our website and you agree to abide by them.

If you do not agree with them then do not use the website.

We may alter these terms at any time. Any change will be communicated on this page and published on our site.

You should check this site occasionally to review the current posting.


Accessing the website

本网站的访问权完全是临时的,我们可以在不另行通知的情况下撤销您对我们在网站上提供的任何信息或服务的访问权. If needed, we might suspend access to the site or remove it entirely.

We won’t take responsibility for any loss, 成本, 如果本网站因任何原因或任何时间段不可用,您可能因任何原因产生的损害或费用. 我们不能保证网站在任何时候都是实时的,我们也不能保证它在您使用的时候不会中断.

您有责任确保所有通过您拥有的互联网365怎么买球使用本网站的人都了解这些T&Cs. 重要的是,您要记住保持任何用户名或密码的安全,并确保其他人的安全.

Intellectual property rights

我们是知识产权的所有者和(或)被许可人,这包括365买球靠谱环境服务新泽西州网站和包括照片在内的材料的权利, 文本, 设计, 插图, 动画, 视频材料, 音频材料, 商标, and graphical images. All of these rights are reserved.

You can print off a single copy, and also download copies if you wish from any page on our website for personal reference.

您不能以任何方式修改从本网站下载或打印的任何文件的任何数字或纸质副本. You are not permitted to use material including photographs, 文本, 设计, 插图, 动画, 视频材料, 音频材料, 商标, and graphical images.




本, unless allowed by us, 未经本365怎么买球书面许可,不得将本网站的任何部分复制或储存在任何其他网站,或添加到公共或私人电子系统或服务中.

Reliance on information posted

本网站上发布的其他一般性材料并不构成365买球靠谱任何建议. 这与经验丰富的专业和独立领域有关,可以依赖这些领域.

本网站访客或可能知悉上述文件内容的其他人对该等文件的任何依赖所产生的所有责任和义务,本365怎么买球概不承担. Any reliance placed on our site is at that person’s own risk.

The website can change regularly

The site can be updated at any point and this can change the content on the website.

We reserve the right to amend any info and (or) service that we provide without prior notice.

Should the need arise, we can revoke access to the site or close it entirely. 网站上的任何文件都可能在任何时候过时,我们没有要求更新任何这些文件.


本网站所展示的文件或材料均按“原样”提供,不作任何陈述, 条件, warranties or guarantees as to its authenticity.

If your use of documents on our company website results in the requirement for repair, servicing or correction of software, equipment or data you must assume all 成本.

In reference to the law, any 3rd parties that are connected to us in anyway exclude the following:

  • 任何担保, implied or expressed, 条件, 表示, warranties and any similar terms of this nature.
  • 本法律声明所隐含的与本网站有关的可能受到影响的相关管辖权.
  • Both in直接 and 直接 damages or losses created by the user (this can include in直接, 直接, consequential damage or loss, 惩罚性, a loss of income, 收入, 业务, anticipated savings, 利润, data, 善意, 金钱的使用, 合同, or damage or loss from a 业务 interruption, wasted office time or management, or a distributed denial-of-service attack, including with limitation negligence or contract and whether arising in derelict or tort. 另外, 与使用本网站或与我们链接的任何网站有关的任何其他损害或损失,以及以任何方式发布的带有病毒或可能对您的计算机有害的潜在技术危害的文件, 来自本网站的数据或软件或任何其他设备,或从本网站或与我们链接的任何网站下载任何材料.

We do not aim to include terms that operate to exclude, 限制或限制因失实陈述引起的疏忽或欺诈而造成的人身伤害或死亡的任何责任.

Hacking, 病毒 and other such offenses

You should not misuse the website knowingly by adding worms, 逻辑炸弹, 病毒, 木马或任何其他软件,可能是潜在的恶意或有害的技术系统方面的网站.

你不应该试图在未经授权的情况下进入新泽西州环境服务中心. 任何服务器, 计算机或数据库或任何其他系统也不得被破坏或从这些系统中删除数据.

You cannot try to attack our website with a denial-of-service attack.


Should any breach occur, 我们将向相关执法机构或机构报告此情况,并将与这些特定机构充分合作,在可能的情况下披露您的身份.

Should such a breach occur, 从那时起,你将不再被允许进入新泽西州环境服务部的场地.

Any links to our website

Should you require any link to the website, you can only do so on the premise that you link, 不要复制, the homepage on the website and subject to these 条件:

  • You don’t distort, remove or change any of the logos on the website.
  • You don’t frame or use a browser to border any aspect around the website.
  • You don’t use any kind of deep linking or inline processing with any pages on our website.
  • You don’t imply or otherwise suggest that other services or products are endorsed except ours.
  • You don’t produce any false info about us which may represent your relationship with us.
  • You don’t link from a site that you are not the sole owner of.
  • The website that you link from does not contain any material that is offensive, 令人反感的或有争议的,并且不侵犯365买球靠谱任何知识产权或其他任何人的知识产权,不遵守所有适用的法律法规.


You will indemnify us for any damages or loss sustained as a result of a breach of this clause.

Linking from our site

Should our website contain links to other websites and as such, resources by 3rd parties, then these links are there for your convenience and to provide information only.

We don’t associate with nor control any of these resources or websites. 结果是, 对于您使用本网站可能产生的任何损害或损失,我们不承担任何责任.

If you click on these links then you will be 直接ed away from our website. There is every chance that we will not have reviewed these 3rd parties and we are not in control of their content or availability.

We, therefore, cannot make any guarantees nor do we endorse the use of these links. 另外, 我们对在这些网站上找到的任何文件或页面的保证或陈述作出任何保证.

Should you make the decision to access these 3rd party sites from our site, this is done at your own risk.


如果您对这些条款和条件有任何疑问或要求,请向365买球靠谱运营经理提出, 7 Pleasant Hill Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512, info@glxmyl.com

适用的法律 & 管辖范围内

Specific courts will have individual 管辖范围内 should any claim, related to or arising from a visit to our website occur. 如果违反这些条件,我们有权对任何个人提起诉讼,这包括您的居住国或任何其他相关国家. These terms are governed by US law.