Thermal imagery allows you to see and understand the condition of your renewable energy system and show you where the faults in your system are.

Whitman’s team of Part 107 FAA license drone pilots can conduct licensed flights over your rooftop or ground mounted systems and capture high-resolution infrared photos of your solar system.  By collecting infrared data, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the system, and identify potential problem areas with your solar panels that may be in need of maintenance or repair.

We will provide imagery of potential issues, and provide a summary of our assessment and next steps.

Contact Whitman’s Senior Vice President of Renewable Services Carey Ruetsch for more information!

We are happy to provide a discounted rate on your first project.

Carey Ruetsch
Senior Vice President of Renewable Services
FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
 (732) 390-5858

Posted on September 19, 2023

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